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Welcome to the Realm of Allura Wiki, the official documentation of the Realm of Allura minecraft network.

If you cannot find what you're looking for here and still need assistance you are able to submit a support ticket at

About Us

Realm of Allura is a minecraft network where our development is community driven. We are incredibly proud of the custom content we offer as well as our approachable and professional team. Realm of Allura provides an immersive and safe environment for all.

Our Gamemodes

Gamemode Version Status
Survival 1.12.2 Updating
Plots 1.14.4 Open
SkyBlock 1.13.2 Open
Empires 1.14.4 Open
Anarchy 1.14.4 Open

Social Media

Realm of Allura is not only present on our website,, but across a number of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Steam, Twitch,, and Discord.