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The Flag of Casa Da Silva

Of the great Houses found in the Crownlands, Casa Da Silva is known for being up something of an upstart. It does not share the storied histories of others, claiming a heritage that dates back before records began. Nor can it claim to be blessed with fertile lands or rich seas from which to grow prosperous. Lacking the resources and fortune of others, it turned it's hand to another craft: They became Mercenário.

Though their efforts and the good fortunes of being on the right side of history, Casa Da Silva now finds itself amongst the oldest and greatest Houses. With it's newfound positions has come new opportunities to explore and expand, forging new ties, both domestic and abroad. Yet there are those who watch them with caution, curious to see whether this new force will stand the test of time, or collapse into nothing, as others have before it.

Core Members

Fernando Da Silva

The young Duque

Duque Fernando Da Silva (25 years old) is the current ruler of the Ducado of Planaltos and Head of Casa Da Silva family. Born as the eldest son to Macio Da Silva in the Ducado of Planaltos, Fernando inherited his titles at the age of 17, following the surprise death of Macio. He also inherited the Da Silva Mercenário, becoming Captain General of the company. He is widely known for his more carefree approach to governing and is known to abscond formal meetings and events in favour of more personal events with his subjects, drawing criticism from other nobles, while being widely celebrated by the common folk.

Early Life

The first child born to Duque Macio, Fernando knew from an early age he was expected to inherit his father's position when the time came. Under this notion, Macio set forth on a strict educational regimen to carve his son into an ideal successor. He was brought up with a humanist education, with a very strong focus on military and political affairs. This was combined with an extensive training scheme, practicing him with rapier and parrying dagger, along with firearms. This oppressive lifestyle often led to Fernando attempting to sneak out and escape, always to be brought back by the guards. This system only got worse upon the death of his mother during the birth of his sister, Marianna, who was forced through a similar educational programme. The two were rarely shown in public, and always were kept on a close leash by Macio.

As a result, Fernando and Macio had a strained relationship, pitting the two somewhat against each other. This came to a head at the age of 14, when Macio discovered Fernando had been spending time with a daughter of one of the staff attendees. Macio banished the attendees family from their home, despite the pleading from Fernando. Fernando would later discover the family dead a few weeks later during a riding exercise. The event would permanently sour the relation between the two, remaining even after Macio's death.

Inheritence and Reign

An artist's rendition of the Battle of Rio De Mota, picturing De Silva Mercenario firing on Mantiro troops

The sudden death of Macio from a stroke caught Casa Da Silva by surprise, leaving a power vacuum within the family. Fernando was quickly rushed back to the family seat, where he was quickly proclaimed Duque. While the family quickly regained control of the House's affairs, the sudden loss of Macio sent shockwaves through the Nobility. Valdez of Casa De Mantiro seized the oppertunity to reclaim some of the prestige lost under Macio's reign and moved to take control of Da Silva assets in the north, citing ancestral claims as casus belli, declaring war. During these raids, De Mantiro forces successfully captured Fernando's aunt, Palmira, while she was en route to her husband after a brief visit to her siblings. Gloating and their success, Valdez ordered a letter be drafted to Fernando, attempting to goad him into come reclaim his lost assets.

However, due to unknown reasons, the war declaration never arrived and the first news heard was the letter informing of the capture of Palmira. Outraged at the attack and realizing the threat posed to the House, Fernando wasted no time in rallying his forces from Planaltos and the Da Silva Mercenário, marching north to retake their lost possessions and liberate his captured family. Da Silva forces met little resistance on route to the Mantiro main force, arriving at full strength much quicker than the De Mantiros expected. Foolishly, Valdez decided to mock the young Duque further, opting for an open field engagement, rather than remaining behind their defensive positions.

The Battle of Dio De Mota was a one sided affair, with the open terrain massively favoring the young Duque's larger forces. This underestimation of Fernando proved costly, with the Mantiro cavalry being routed before it close to the defensive lines of the Da Silva forces. The remaining De Mantiro troops were overrun with ease as the Da Silva cavalry counter charged the now undefended flanks. The battle would cost Valdez his life, and result in the capture of his heir, Eberado. After the battle, Da Silva forces moved to occupy their lost possessions seizing De Mantiro possessions at the same time. After achieving this, Fernando invoked Ajuda do Irmão, pulling the Crown in to oversee peace talks. The whole affair would prove deeply embarrassing to Casa De Mantiro, who were stripped of further holdings and would solidify Casa Da Silva's position under Fernando.


Marianna Da Silva

The younger sister of the Duque, Marianna is known to be proficient with the rapier, though doesn't often use it.

The younger sister of Fernando, she shares many similar traits to her older sibling. A capable wordsmith, whose fiery prose match her equally passionate spirit. She has a small gift for magic, able to cast minor spells. She is also a better rider than her brother, much to his chagrin. She is currently unengaged to anyone, though many suitors have attempted, and failed, to court her.

History: Early Life

The start of Marianna's life was marked with tragedy. In order to give birth to her, *****, her mother, gave her own life, passing away just a few minutes after. What should have been a joyous occasion was forever marked as bittersweet in the eyes of Macio, her father. Macio would never truly forget the connection, clouding his choices and decisions for both Marianna and her older brother, Fernando.

Marianna was forced to embark on an ambitious educational program set forth by her father, designed to instruct her in all matters, from courtly behavior, to the humanities, from statecraft to weapons mastery. This only got worse when it was discovered she possessed a limited ability for magic. Macio, having desired such capabilities in the family line, pushed for her abilities to be improved and to test Fernando to see if he too possessed magical talent. However, these yielded little fruit, as Marianna's ability was considered poor to moderate by most practitioners, and Fernando proved incapable.

Much like her brother, this education was suffocating to their young spirits, and she soon joined Fernando on their escape attempts and other mischief. Quickly learning how to cover for each other and getting precious little time with other children, the two formed an unusually strong bond for siblings, able to co-ordinate their work and actions with very little effort. This proved immensely useful over the years, able to skirt tasks and lighten punishments with their combined effort.

History: Fernando's Reign

The sudden death of Macio liberated Marianna from her regimented life, gaining unexpected freedoms when her brother inherited the throne. Despite being a minor, she found that adult responsibilities were suddenly thrust upon her, as staffers attempted to restore order and other "interested parties" who had been batted away by Macio made attempts to secure her hand. This however proved to be a foolish act, as she proved far too fiery, even in her younger age, than many expected. Her abilities with a sword and sharp tongue left many a young noble lacerated. To this day, Fernando often jokes that it doesn't matter whether or not he grants a suitor his permission, she would choose for herself, and that suitor had best be prepared.

In particular, she has taken a very strong disliking to the Crown Prince, who has made it uncomfortably clear what he thinks of her.


Alfonso Da Silva

The uncle of the current Duque, Alfonso is the level head of the family, having spent years conducting diplomacy and navigating the political intrigue of the Houses. He is widely respected both by the rest of the House and externally, having befriended many of the other influential figures who direct the flow of the nation. Currently without any children of his own, his wife is expecting their first child in the coming months.


Miguel Da Silva (formally Da Cassis)

The head of the family administration, having successfully caught the eye of the previous Duque. His ability to simultaneously manage the house's assets, expand their capital and dodge any responsibility to outside groups is remarkable. He has since married into the family, technically making him Uncle in law to Fernando and Marianna, but nobody refers to him by such a name.


Holdings and Assets

Castelo Cavasta

The seat of Casa Da Silva and their ancestral home, located in the Ducado of Planaltos, of which it serves as one of the main seats of power. It's meager appearance above ground hides a large complex of tunnels and halls dug into the mountainside, considerably expanding it's size and capabilities.


Da Silva Mercenário

A large mercenary company, the pride of Planaltos, the Da Silva Mercenário are the military backbone and one of the main revenue sources for the Da Silva family.